Who We Are

Health care and technology experts with deep experience in healthcare analytics and quality care strategies. We focus on developing products that improve the quality of care that health organizations provide.

Our mission is to help revolutionize healthcare analytics by empowering health care organizations with a cutting-edge platform that delivers reliable and timely insights while focusing on improving their quality health outcomes. 

What we do

Designing and developing custom health care applications that help solve problems is our passion.

We build powerful quality health analytics tools for the healthcare industry with a focus on disruptive change.  Armed with the right skillsets and modern technology, AHT believes we can bring about rapid improvement in healthcare analytics.

Why we’re different

We combine years of quality health care improvement strategies with modern technology that can be sure to boost your health organization ratings.

We put the right people in place, understand market needs, and choose the right technologies to deliver an easy-to-use solution that enables our customers to improve their healthcare quality outcomes.  We are focused first and foremost on driving sustained improvements in the industry, prioritizing sound execution over sales, and commit to transforming our customer's experience to a reliable and more simplistic process.