Quality Measure Development

Automated. Real-Time. Performant. Secure. Accurate.

Healthcare organizations have a hard time determining their quality care scores quick enough to improve their ratings during the measurement period. With high dollar amounts on the line, health care executives need a better understanding of where they stand and how far they are from reaching their goals.

AHT solves this problem by offering real-time, automated data services through custom measure development to ensure healthcare providers aren’t leaving any dollars on the table. We utilize modern technology and years of strategy consulting services to implement a fully automated and real-time analytics platform that will help rocket your rates to the moon.

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Data mapping

Map your data to the appropriate inbound file specifications that will allow the measure engine to accurately report your rates.

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ETL Automation

Highly performant backend services that will exchange, transfer and load your data in an automated fashion, as often as you need it.


Measure Development

Translate measure specifications to machine code that can be executed with high performance and accuracy.

AHT is an NCQA HEDIS® and AMP certified vendor. We are currently certified in over 100 measures. Our development team has extensive knowledge converting measure specifications into code that can be executed on premises or in the cloud.

All of our developers are fluent in HL7 data standards to include CCD (Continuity of Care Documents) and CQL (Clinical Quality Language).


Ratings Analysis

Dive into the details in real-time for all your measure results to see where your outcomes can be improved.

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API Integrations

Utilize the interoperability power of a RESTful API to execute your measures and review your results any time you’d like.

Excel, CSV, XML or JSON file formats that can be easily consumed by down stream systems such as BI Dashboards, Enterprise Data Warehouses, Care Management Systems, Electronic Health Records or other custom applications within your health care ecosystem.